The Airetiko Crew

Carinan is an aerialist, artist and bodyworker. She has performed at cabarets and festivals across the Uk and abroad. 

She is an artist creating sculptures, 

extraordinary costumes and events decor. She will be teaching aerial skills and choreography, focusing on how the body moves in space.   

Akasha is a performer, aerialist, teacher. She lives life with infectious enthusiasm! She has toured with Lux Theatre Company around Europe, co-created 'Marionettas' giant puppets and She has taught, and flown with Airetiko since its conception. She has a passion for facilitating self-empowerment through aerial acrobatics and will be guiding students in positive practice.

Siobhan is a passionate performer, aerialist and teacher for over twenty years. She has toured European and UK festivals with Shelanagig, Cirqueidyllic / Cabaret at the End of the World, The Lux Collective and now Airetiko. She teaches regular drama and aerial classes. She will be guiding you through drama workshops to inspire confident performing.

Anja is a passionate practitioner of 10 years of Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. She is most inspired by Jason Crandell. Her classes can be dynamic, or gentle, with creative sequences that emphasize both the physical and the mental aspects behind yoga.
Her goal as a yoga teacher is to help her students to learn how to be their own witness - to recognize their physical and mental edges, accept their bodies as they are and to work with what they’ve got.

and our Aerial Camp team

Rupert is our host and the mastermind behind the space. He has built up the retreat centre over the last ten years from a derelict farmhouse, using sustainable and natural building methods to create Paradiso Escondido

Charlotte is an aromatherapy massage practioner. She massages using oils chosen specifically for each individual to be stimulating or relaxing depending on your needs. A treatment lasts  1.5hrs. Indian head massage 45 mins.

Julia is our host and master chef. With her vast knowledge of nutrition and herbs she will delight us daily with her delicious creations. All locally sourced and homegrown where possible, your meals will be balanced nutritious and vegetarian, keeping us energized all week!

Anna will be orgainising therapies during the camp. She is a reflexologist and will certainly find areas that need attention with her capable hands! She also does an invigorating foot massage, leaving you feeling ready and charged for your next session.

Ceri is an avid aerial enthusiast and an amazing, graceful Yoga teacher and practitioner. She will be leading our morning yoga sessions which will ensure that you will be prepared for your day. Her passion for yoga has taken her to India to deepen her practice and advance her prolific teaching skills.

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